Summary specifications

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Occupancy Design

Building Services

1 person per 8 sq m (net) for fresh air, cooling
and lifts

1 per 12 m2 for water storage

Means of Escape

1 person per 6 sq m (NIA)

Sanitary Accommodation

1 person per 10 sq m (NIA) 60% male
/ 60% female


12 showers along with 1 DDA shower at Mezz


184 racks provided currently


Planning Grid

The office accommodation layout provides
opportunity for cellular, mixed or open plan office
layouts utilising 1.5 m circulation zones

Clear Ceiling Heights

7000 mm in ground floor reception
2,750 mm on all upper office floors
3000 mm to lift lobbies

Internal Finishes

– Offices

PPC aluminium to retained façades (RAL 9006)
and Plasterboard linings to core – shadow gap
details to skirting and door details


Fully accessible perforated white metal suspended
ceiling and white vinyl matt emulsion painted
plasterboard margin


Fully accessible perforated white metal suspended
ceiling and white vinyl matt emulsion painted
plasterboard margin


600 × 600 mm medium grade metal raised access
floor panels

Internal doors

Solid core lacquered hardwood veneer doors
provided in the main and secondary lobbies and
toilets. Ironmongery will be in high quality
stainless steel

Raised Floors

All office floors provide for nominal
160 mm from top of structural slab to top
of raised floor

Ceiling / Lighting Height

A lighting zone of 75 mm is generally provided in
the offices

Internal Finishes

– Reception Ground Floor

Terrazzo (colour and finish TBC)


– Timber slat feature wall to half of reception
lobby and throughout lift lobbies

– Reckli Concrete feature wall to half of reception
lobby (type Liberty)

Lift Installation

5 x 18 person Mitsubishi passenger lifts
Lift speed of 2.5 m/s

1 × goods lift 21 person (lifting capacity 1600 kg)

Lift speed of 1.75 m/s The goods lift is to double as
the firefighting lift for the building

Toilet Accommodation


Combination of laminated timber finish cubicle
system, Full tiled wall, Concrete vanity, and timber
joinery, Tiling behind vanity


Painted Plaster board ceiling


Black and white mosaic floor


Full height HPL timber veneered walls and doors

Sanitary Ware

Quality white china WCs and in-vanity basins with
black matt sanitary ware Separate male (5 No.
WCs and 4 No. urinals) and female (7 No. WCs)
provided typically per office floor

Disabled WC

1 No. accessible WC provided per office floor


12 showers – 6 male and 6 female, with changing,
lockers and drying facilities, plus 1 disabled shower
and 98 locker keys to Female and 84 locker keys to
Male changing rooms

Façade Works

External Walls/Façades

Curtain walling from level 1 to 10 comprising of
linen finish stainless steel solid panels and vertical
fins with low-iron glass units

7m high low-iron glazing panels with laminated
glass fins to ground floor lobby areas

Stick system cladding at ground and mezz levels
comprising of low-iron glass, opacified glass and
natural anodised aluminium louvres

Level 11 glass screen around plant space with
coloured interlayers

Horizontal brushed SS brise soliel to specific
corners at levels 3 & 4 and 7 & 8

Exposed concrete columns to undercroft
outside lobby space with linen finish stainless
steel soffit panels

Entrance Doors

Three full height glazed cylindrical revolving
doors and two-pass doors to main entrances

Automatic glass pass door to cycle store

Structural Design

Floor Loadings

The following imposed loads have been
adopted in the design:

Office areas (total): 3.5 kN/m2 + 1.0 kN/m2
for partitions

5% of office area adjacent to core have
increased live loads to 7.5 kN/m2 (total)

Plant areas: 7.5 kN/m2

RC concrete and post tension slab superstructure
with unitised glazing system

Services Design


External Temperature Winter:
-4 ºC, 100% SAT

External Temperature Summer:
30 ºC db/21ºC wb

Internal Temperature Winter:
Offices 20ºC
Reception 21ºC minimum
(subject to usage of doors)
Toilets 18ºC

Internal Temperature Summer:
Offices 24ºC
Reception 24ºC maximum
(subject to usage of doors)
Toilets 24ºC

Controls Tolerance: +/-2ºC

Ventilation Systems
Office (fresh air) 12 litres/sec per person
plus enhanced ventilation capacity
of 10% (13.2 l/s)

Toilets 10 air changes per hour (extract) and
8 air changes per hour supply


The following lighting levels have been adopted in
the building design:

General offices: 400 lux maintained average

Stairs: 150 lux maintained at floor level

Stores & plant rooms: 150-200 lux maintained at
floor level

Toilets: 200 lux

Small Power Allowance

Core areas
Recep’ & lobby
Cycle store
Small power
small power
As per demand
  • Figures stated in W/m²
  • *20% spare capacity at riser.
  • 25% spare ways provided at distribution boards.
  • Spare ways provided at main LV switchboard.
  • Two spare tap-off positions in riser from tenant bus-bar.

Power distributions on the floors by tenant

Noise Levels:
Offices: NR38
Toilets: NR45

Energy Conservation

  • Use of water cooled chillers
    with cooling towers

Energy efficient heat recovery in air–handling

  • EC variable volume fancoil units
  • Variable volume hydronic systems
  • Low specific fan powers in ventilation systems
  • High efficiency luminaires (>90 lumens per
  • Energy efficient lighting control
  • Low usage hot water fittings (showers, taps

The building will achieve the following
standards for environmental design;

  • BREEAM rating of Very Good
    (BREEAM Offices 2014)

Heating, Cooling and

The heating and cooling system provided to the
office areas is based on a multitenancy
arrangement of a maximum of 2 tenants per floor.
The air conditioning system comprises of variable
air volume fan coil units located on a modular
basis within the ceiling voids to suit an open plan
office layout. Distribution of air
is via linear air diffusers on the floor plate

Electrical Installation

Incoming Supplies

New 11kV UKPS supply with 1.5MVA
landlords’ transformers

Life Safety Generator

A life safety generator of 900kVA capacity
is provided

Lightning Protection

The building is provided with a system of
lightning protection in accordance with
BS EN 62305


Lighting Installation

The lighting to the offices comprises recessed LED
luminaires and perimeter LED downlights

Open plan offices are provided with a modular
wiring system with PIR sensors which provide
facilities for future local control of the luminaires
to be added by the tenants

Emergency Lighting

The emergency lighting installation comprises
approved self-contained lighting units within the
normal lighting fittings where possible, designed to
operate for a minimum period of 3 hours upon loss
of supply

All Emergency lighting will be provided in
accordance with BS5266 and Building Control

Fire Alarm

The system will provide an automatic response to
a fire condition within the building and will be
designed and installed to a category L2 system

Comprehensive intelligent analogue addressable
fire alarm system throughout the office building
with break glass units positioned adjacent to all
primary escape

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors and sounders to be provided throughout the office building as necessary, including all plant rooms


The access control, intruder alarm, CCTV for the
building will be designed, supplied, test and
commissioned by others. The security system will
be required to the linked to the building’s fire
alarm system. Provisions will be made to provide
any containment and power to serve these
equipment as requested by the specialists

The building is complimented with an integral
security system controlled and operated in house
that gives control of access for all users throughout
the building and dedicated visual surveillance
technology for observation and safety purposes

Refuse Disposal

A dedicated refuse store is to be provided at
ground level with space for presentation and
removal at ground level

Access and Egress

The main office access and egress is via the ground
floor reception. Access for deliveries and servicing
to the building is via a dedicated loading bay

Capped Services for Tenant

Capped water and waste connections are to be
provided in 2 locations within risers located in
the core


One cleaners’ cupboard is provided on each floor
within each core


Two incoming telecoms locations will be provided
within the development. Allocation of the cable
route shall be agreed with the Landlord. All such
additional incoming data services would be the
responsibility of the tenant to secure, install and
agree with the Landlord

Fire Protection

In addition to riser provision, the office building is
to be fully sprinklered to BS EN 12845. A fire
control room is provided at ground floor


2 No IT/data risers are provided for tenant use

2 No Miscellaneous services risers are provided for
tenant use

Tenants’ Plant

Space allocation is to be provided at roof level for
the provision of future plant installation by office
tenants which will be agreed with the Landlord